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“Poverty is like punishment for a crime you didn’t commit.” — Eli Khamarov

A Little Goes A Long Way

celebrating 40 years of service in Arizona

WHEAT has seen a lot in its 41 years – the ever changing face of hunger and poverty, reaching into families who thought they were safe from job loss, a bare pantry, eating candy bars because they cost less, couch-surfing with the children because there’s nowhere else to go. WHEAT met these changes and challenges head on and developed and expanded programs to meet the needs of those we serve so that hunger and poverty can become a thing of the past – one person at a time.

Now, a new enemy, this COVID-19, has arisen and is making the fight harder without the resources we so easily took for granted like our wonderful volunteers, home through this crisis, and our brick & mortar locations, now closed to the public. We are a creative bunch and won’t allow it to take away the hard-fought successes of these many years. We are finding new ways to reach those who need us.

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“We cannot end hunger unless we end poverty.” – Mark Winne