Gardens to End Hunger – Community Gardening

WHEAT’s long term Gardens to End Hunger project began in 1980 with a small garden in the South Mountain Community.  WHEAT currently offers assistance to 17 existing gardens in neighborhoods, schools and housing developments across MetroPhoenix. Volunteers and neighbors come together to grow fresh, healthy food to nourish communities and neighborhoods.  Our goal is to provide the resources to establish new gardens in communities and help them become self-sustaining by the communities, themselves.

The benefits of Community Gardening are boundless. It stimulates social interaction, beautifies neighborhoods and produces nutritious foods while reducing food budgets. Each garden is a joint effort where friends and neighbors share responsibilities and the rewards of their harvest as well!

The needs of the gardens we work with are as varied as the gardens themselves.

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WHEAT is a Proud Member of the American Community Gardening Association.acga-logo