Your AZ Tax Credit 2019 & WHEAT


Donations to Qualifying Nonprofits for Arizona Tax Credits Must Still Be Made by April 15

Extension of Tax Filing Deadline to July 15 Does NOT Affect Charitable Contributions Deadline

Arizona taxpayers considering donations to qualifying nonprofit organizations for Arizona tax credits on their 2019 income tax returns must still make those contributions by April 15 even with the U.S. Department of Treasury decision to extend filing deadlines to July 15 for Arizona and federal returns. Qualifying charitable organizations include 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, foster care organizations public schools and certified school tuition organizations.  Further Information Here

It’s a Win for Us and a Win for You!!
Donate $800 to WHEAT and Get Back $800 on your Arizona Tax Return*

When you donate to WHEAT  (a Qualifying Charitable Organization, QCO Code 20391),  you could receive a dollar for dollar Arizona State Tax Credit of up to $800 for couples, filing jointly, or $400 for individuals.*

Your gift will provide a dollar for dollar return to you and at the same time support WHEAT’s mission to end hunger and poverty at the root while we help those in our community to self-sufficiency.  In 2019, we provided services to over  10,000 families through SNAP application assistance, living-wage work training,  the provision of outfits to women for the workplace and making available a year-round marketplace for fairly-traded, quality items that help the artisans and farmers feed and clothe their families.  Your gift will mean we can do even more to assist the individuals and families we serve.

Another Option:  If you are over 70 ½, you are required to take distributions from an IRA. Instead of creating a taxable event for yourself, make the distribution a charitable gift to WHEAT using all or a portion of your mandatory withdrawal amount (up to $100,000 total, per person). As long as the distribution is paid directly to WHEAT from your IRA administrator, the amount will not be counted in your taxable income for the year, which may result in tax savings for you!*

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 (or) on our website WHEAT: Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

(or)  mail your check to:
4000 N 7th St, Ste 118
Phoenix, AZ 85014

 Thank you for supporting WHEAT’s efforts to end hunger and poverty at the root.

*Consult your tax professional.