Mother’s Day and Fair Trade Day are both this weekend so we wanted to take a minute and thank you for supporting 360° fair trade which in turn helps support mothers all over the world.

Fair trade gives mothers the ability to earn fair wages while still being able to watch their children. It helps them to provide their children with care, education, medicine and more. For WHEAT, a member of the Fair Trade Federation, 360° fair trade signifies our work year-round to support mothers who artistically make the quality goods in our Fair Trade Store.

One of the artisan groups we work with is Lucuma Designs.  In Cochas, Peru, where their gourd carvers live, young families start their own workshops at home and partner with their neighbors so that they can work while still watching their children. Every workshop has a place for children to eat and play after school.  The gourd carvers have also come together to create an after school program. This program helps not only the carvers but also other mothers from Cochas and the neighboring villages by giving food and after school care to hundreds of children.